If you are living with a disease or condition that affects you liver, it is important for your doctor to regularly monitor you for any scarring or fat deposits (called fibrosis) that may affect the health of your liver. Testing for any damage has often required patients to undergo invasive surgical procedures like a liver biopsy.

The Digestive Health Institute at Cooper University Health Care offers a painless, quick, and non-invasive test of your liver health with FibroScan®, an FDA-approved medical procedure to measure the amount of scarring and fibrosis in your liver to help you and your doctor manage your liver disease. FibroScan® is similar to an ultrasound – it requires no sedation and takes about 10 to15 minutes to complete compared to the longer and more invasive liver biopsy.

A FibroScan® test can give your doctor important information about the health of your liver to track the progression of your liver disease, determine whether further testing (like blood tests, imaging or a biopsy) is needed, and develop a treatment approach that best meets your unique needs.

Who May Benefit From FibroScan®

Your doctor may recommend a FibroScan® test if you have been diagnosed with:

How FibroScan® Works

FibroScan® uses a special, state-of-the-art ultrasound technology called transient elastography that measures the stiffness of your liver depending on how fast the ultrasound waves move. These ultrasound waves move at different speeds depending on whether they are going through healthy tissue or areas in the liver where there is scarring and fibrosis.

What to Expect

A FibroScan® does not require any special preparation, although you may be asked not to eat or drink anything other than clear fluids for at least 3 hours before the procedure.

During the procedure you will lie on your back with your right arm raised behind your head. Your doctor or another health care provider will apply a water-based gel to your skin before the FibroScan® is placed between your ribs. The procedure is painless, although you may feel a slight vibration on your skin from the FibroScan®.

FibroScan® Results

A FibroScan® will provide your doctor with what is called a CAP (controlled attenuation parameter) score and a fibrosis score:

  • The CAP score measures the fat accumulation in your liver that will determine the stage of your liver disease (steatosis). A lower CAP score indicates a healthier liver.
  • The fibrosis score measures the amount of scarring in the liver. A score of F0 or F1 means there is little or no scarring while the highest score, F4, means there is significant liver scarring or cirrhosis.

Why Choose Cooper for FibroScan®

As the region’s leading academic health system, Cooper’s specialists have extensive experience with this innovative procedure to care for patients who have diseases and conditions that affect the liver.

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