Heart Rhythm Center

caption_or_0.jpgTreating a heart rhythm disorder (arrhythmia) requires absolute precision. With Cooper and Inspira Cardiac Care, you have access to the most advanced technology available in the field today. Our team of electrophysiologists (cardiologists who specialize in heart rhythm disorders) performs thousands of complex procedures each year, and are nationally and internationally renowned leaders in arrhythmia management.

Expertise in Arrythmia Management

Device Implantation

Cooper and Inspira Cardiac Care electrophysiologists are skilled in pacemaker and cardiac defibrillator (ICD) implantation. Based on their expertise, our team was approved as one of the first sites in the United States to implant the S-ICD® - a cardiac defibrillator that is placed under the skin. The S-ICD System offers a new breakthrough treatment option for patients at risk of sudden cardiac arrest (abrupt loss of heart function). By not having leads implanted into your heart, your risk of infection and complication are lower.  

Device Implantation

Left: Positioning of S-ICD device under the skin. Right: ICD with the positioning of the lead into the heart. 

Cooper and Inspira Cardiac Care was also first in the region – and among the first in the nation – to implant an MRI-safe pacemaker, the Revo MRI™ SureScan pacing system. For the more than 200,000 patients denied MRI testing each year due to implanted devices, this new technology offers a potentially life-saving advantage as it has a specific setting for use during imaging studies.  

Ablation Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation (irregular heart beat)

Affecting over 2 million people, atrial fibrillation is the most common – and most difficult to treat – heart rhythm disorder. Electrophysiologists at the Cardiac Partners are among the nation’s leading experts in catheter ablation therapy, in which a small catheter directs energy to the source of the abnormal heart rhythm. Our cardiologists use the latest in advanced three-dimensional technology to map the precise location of the rhythm disorder on the surface of the heart, allowing them to perform ablation therapy with pin-point accuracy. As a patient receiving this treatment, you may no longer need to take daily medication, and may benefit from a significantly improve quality of life. 

Laser Lead Extraction

Pacing devices or ICDs can sometimes require removal for reasons including, but not limited to, infection, incorrect lead positioning, lead failure, or the desire to upgrade to a newer device. Lead extraction is a complex procedure that requires highly specialized expertise. Cooper and Inspira Cardiac Care is a Center of Excellence for laser-assisted lead extraction, a less invasive and more effective option for patients. During the procedure, the extracting electrophysiologist leads a multidisciplinary team that includes a cardiothoracic surgeon, cardiothoracic anesthesiologist, perfusionist, and specially trained nursing staff.

For an appointment with a Cooper and Inspira Cardiac Care electrophysiologist, please call 833.SJHEART (833.754.3278).