Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Surgery (to remove the cancer) and radiation therapy are common ways doctors successfully treat prostate cancer today. But not all cancers are suitable for surgery. In these cases, hormone therapy can be an effective add-on to prostate cancer treatment.

If you have prostate cancer, you may question how hormone therapy could benefit you. Understanding more about this treatment may help you wrap your mind around what’s ahead. At MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper, our cancer specialists are skilled in the latest prostate cancer treatments and surgical techniques, offering expert and empathetic cancer care for the South Jersey community.

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer: What You Should Know

Your treatment team will determine whether you might benefit from hormone therapy based on factors such as the stage of disease and where it’s located on your prostate. Here are some details:

  • What is hormone therapy for prostate cancer? Male hormones are called androgens. These hormones, such as testosterone, can aid the growth of prostate cancer cells. Hormone therapy uses man-made hormones or other medications to prevent cancer cells from getting or using the hormones they need to grow and spread.
  • How we use hormone therapy for prostate cancer: Your care team will personalize your treatment recommendations to your specific circumstances. In general, your doctor may recommend using hormone therapy
    • At the same time as radiation therapy, if doctors consider the cancer more aggressive or more likely to spread
    • Before radiation therapy, to shrink the cancer
    • If cancer comes back after a successful treatment
    • If surgery or radiation are not recommended
  • How you benefit: Your response to hormone therapy for prostate cancer treatment will depend on many factors. While hormone therapy can’t cure prostate cancer on its own, this therapy can cause prostate cancer tumors to shrink or grow more slowly. With other treatments such as surgery or radiation, hormone therapy may help successfully treat prostate cancer.

Why Choose MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper for Prostate Cancer Care?

As a partner with MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the nation’s top cancer care centers, we offer research-backed prostate cancer prevention, detection, and treatment services. You’ll benefit from:

  • Leading cancer care expertise: Our specialists are experts in cancer care. We offer a range of advanced technologies, therapies, and procedures for cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Team approach to treatment: At MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper, our surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and other skilled professionals work together to find the best treatment plan for you. This coordination leads to more successful treatment outcomes.
  • Access to clinical trials: Our specialists participate in a wide range of cancer research studies. That means you might have the opportunity to take part in a promising clinical trial as part of your treatment.
  • Full range of support services: A cancer diagnosis affects so much more than your physical health. We offer behavioral therapy, palliative care, social work services, and other resources to help you cope with whatever challenges cancer treatment presents. Learn more about our cancer care support services.

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