Driveway Safety

SILO-BACKOVERS.pngKids love cars, and when they see a parked car, they don’t even think about the possibility of getting hurt or seriously injured. That’s why parents have to. Many preventable injuries and deaths occur in driveways or parking lots when drivers are unaware that children are near vehicles. Tragically, these drivers are often family members or friends of the injured child. But these injuries are easily prevented by following a few simple tips.

Hard Facts

Each year, more than 9,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries that occurred while they were unattended in or around motor vehicles. Many of these preventable injuries occur when drivers are unaware of children near vehicles.

Top Tips

  • We know you’re often in a hurry, but before you drive away, take a few seconds to walk all the way around your parked car to check for children.
  • Designate a safe spot for children to wait when nearby vehicles are about to move and make sure the drivers can see them.
  • Accompany little kids when they get in and out of a vehicle. Hold their hands while walking near moving vehicles or in driveways and parking lots or on sidewalks.

Learn More

Making the space in and around your car safe for kids requires a few more steps. Learn more about how to protect your kids from heatstroke in cars or getting trapped in the trunk

Download Driveway Safety Tips (PDF)