Neurohospitalist Program

At Cooper University Health Care, the region’s leading academic health system, our neurohospitalist are dedicated to providing and improving impatient neurological care. We created the neurohospitalist program to improve the neuroscience program overall and to give patients consistent care.

What Are Neurohospitalists?

Neurohospitalist help to improve Cooper’s neuroscience program by offering full time impatient care to our patients suffering from a neurological disorder or injury. Patients will receive consistent care from one of our experts during their entire stay.

Our team collaborates with our outpatient neurologists to ensure our patients are given individualized care upon discharge, lower the chances of readmission and shortening their recovery time.

Comprehensive Neurological Care

The scope of neurohospitalist practice encompasses the entire spectrum of inpatient care including prevention and management of medical, surgical, and psychiatric complications of neurological disease. Our team diagnosis and manages patients with the most complex and acute neurological injury or disorder. We collaborate with disciplines throughout the hospital, offering comprehensive care to inpatients regardless of why they are hospitalized.

Cooper Neuro Intensive Care Unity

At Cooper, we have the latest technology and expert staff working to improve neurological patient outcomes in our new Neuro ICU. This unit is dedicated to the care of patients with the most acute and life-threatening neurological problems.

Improving Patient Outcomes

When compared to three years before implementing a neurohospitalist program, Cooper has seen:

  • A 6% increase in a rate of inter-hospital transfers to our neurohospitalist service, ensuring that patients suffering from stroke while inpatients at Cooper are treated immediately.
  • No increased length of stay for our neurological patients, despite increase in medical complexity of the patients.