Obstetrics and Gynecology

Baby-Friendly USA logo with stylized mother and child silhouette.It is important to make your gynecological, reproductive, and sexual health needs a priority. It is equally important to find an OB-GYN who you can trust and feel comfortable with to share such personal information. At Cooper Obstetrics and Gynecology, our specialists provide patient-centered care, sensitive to the needs of women of all ages, including children and adolescents.

As part of the only academic health system in southern New Jersey, Cooper OB-GYNs have access to the latest medical knowledge, most advanced diagnosis and treatment options, and state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best patient experience possible, at each and every visit.

Cooper Obstetrics and Gynecology offers services for:

  • Routine gynecologic care
  • Contraceptive counseling/family planning
  • Obstetrical care, including high-risk pregnancies
  • Breast care
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding, fibroids
  • Menopause symptom management
  • Pelvic floor disorders
  • Infertility
  • Vulvar/vaginal/pelvic infections
  • Colposcopy

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

Our physicians provide sensitive, age-appropriate examinations and treatment using instruments and equipment designed for children and teens. Our team treats adolescent patients for a number of reasons including:

  • Irregular periods
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Labial adhesions
  • Abnormal appearing genitalia
  • Pelvic/ovarian masses
  • Premature or delayed puberty
  • Endometriosis

To schedule an appointment with a Cooper OB-GYN, call 1.800.8.COOPER (1.800.826.6737).