What Our Patients Are Saying About the Bone and Joint Institute

We always want to assure that our patients receive great care and have a good experience when they come to see us. Below are just a few comments about our team that we were honored to receive from recent patient satisfaction surveys.

You can read more comments about our physicians, physician assistants, and advanced practice nurses on their individual profiles. 

"Dr. Brown was prompt, thorough, answered all questions, & listened well. Use of pre-op & post-op nursing personnel was very helpful." Read more about Dr. Brown.

"This was my first visit with Dr. Cancell. Everyone was pleasant. Hardly any wait. I was happy that he seemed to know some of my history already. With the issues I am dealing with, it was nice to see he took some time to look at my chart and mention it to me. He listened and explained everything that pertained to my visits with him. I would definitely recommend him to others." Read more about Dr. Cancell.

"I am exceptionally satisfied with Dr. Clements and trust him with my back situation. He has been my doctor since 1991, and I followed him to Cooper hospital. That says a whole lot for his bed side manners, his knowledge of my health, and the courtesy he extends. His secretary as well and the other assistants are always pleasant and mannerly." Read more about Dr. Clements.

"Dr. Clinton assesses all my health concerns before he treats me. I'm a liver transplant patient and have very complex health problems - Before he treat my knees, he reviews all my recent visits." Read more about Dr. Clinton.

"Wait time is always very brief and I typically get seen before my appointment time. Dr. Dolch answers all my questions clearly and is always concise but thorough." Read more about Dr. Dolch.

"Dr. Eid is an exceptional physician. Not only, did she review my medical status, she also gave me a very lengthy and informative description of the entirety of my health status. I am always overwhelmed by the amount of time she spends with me, and with this only my second appointment with her, she readily and instantly remembered my first visit. I can always count on her wise judgment and medical expertise." Read more about Dr. Eid.

"Dr. Fedorka is amazing. She responded to my email in just a few hours & had her office call me as soon as they were open for an appt. the next day she was in. She is always personable, friendly & helpful." Read more about Dr. Fedorka.

"Dr. Feinstein is a very good doctor. He always equals or exceeds my expectations. You never wait more than 5 minutes in waiting room, and always sees you promptly." Read more about Dr. Feinstein.

"This was my first experience with Dr. Freeland and with this office. I was impressed with how pleasant and caring everyone was. Dr. Freeland listened carefully to my concerns. He had my chart up on the screen and was very aware of my past medical history. His examination of my foot was thorough and the problem and treatment was explained in easy to understand terminology. Overall I was very pleased with my experience." Read more about Dr. Freeland.

"Totally love Dr. Fuller. Have seen him previous for myself. He also provided emergency surgery for my son a few years back. Would recommend him to anyone. Love Cooper doctors! Have been a Cooper baby all my life. Born there in 1975. My grand mom was a Cooper nurse in the 40-50's." Read more about Dr. Fuller.

"We had an excellent experience. We felt that Dr. Gealt did a thorough exam, provided fantastic aftercare information/instructions and we are very satisfied with our experience." Read more about Dr. Gealt.

"Dr. Graf was as usual, informative of how to move forward with my care of the femur rod replacement, order the test to make certain of the next step in my recovery." Read more about Dr. Graf.

"I was greeted immediately by a pleasant, efficient, respectful receptionist upon arrival. The medical assistant who brought me back was equally pleasant, efficient and respectful. I was briefly greeted by and checked out by a Doctor while waiting for Dr. [Gutowski]. My visit with Dr. G. Was great, as always. She always takes her time and explains everything clearly and makes sure it is understood. I always feel comfortable and well cared for! Love this office!" Read more about Dr. Gutowski.

"My visit was ahead of time. I had seen the PA and been treated before my scheduled time. The PA Was pleasant, kind and respectful. He listened to my concerns and took them with appropriate seriousness. I would see Mr. Jackson again." Read more about Frank Jackson.

"This was my first time with Dr. Jerrido. My prior podiatrist moved out of the area. I was very happy and satisfied with the attention she provided me, her thoroughness and patience with all my questions. I will be sure to continue to see her." Read morea bout Dr. Jerrido.

"I found my experience at Cooper physicians group exceptional Dr. Karpoff just one of the most professional doctors I've come across knowledgeable in her field and I feel extremely confident that with her help I will regain a full recovery." Read more about Dr. Karpoff.

"Dr. Kim is a wonderful doctor. I feel he cares about what I have to say and answers my questions in a way I understand." Read more about Dr. Kim.

"Dr. Kleiner listened to my concerns, answered my questions and provided me with valuable information. He is a very friendly, knowledgeable, professional and empathetic doctor.
Excellent doctor, very respectful and attentive." Read more about Dr. Kleiner.

"I was nervous about the knee injections I was to receive, but Nicole not only answered all my questions, she explained exactly what I was to expect now and later. She was pleasant, informative and considerate of my feelings. It was a great experience. THANK YOU, NICOLE." Read more about Nicole Martino.

"I felt cared for after seeing Dr. Mayer. I trust her; and I am reassured that she is my doctor. All staff have been professional, thorough and efficient." Read more about Dr. Mayer.

"Dr. Millili has always been considerate and made me feel at ease - no such things as stupid question or concern. He treats you as a person. I like and use the cooper health portal -kudos on the accessibility n timeliness on the office/Dr. responsiveness." Read more about Dr. Millili.

"Dr. Pollard is very kind and said my knee is strong and I did go to therapy in Cherry Hill ... Stephanie who check me in the room before seeing the doctor is very good at her job with all the questions on how I am doing for this visit. All the staff are very kind in checking me in, Kathy, Dana, Rachel and Tayler who check me out. The medical students are very good who listen to me about how grateful I am that my knee is strong again, Brian and Kay. Thank you!!! Very Pleased!!!" Read more about Dr. Pollard.

"Mr. Rowe is an excellent physician assistant. I appreciate all his help and advice he gave to be able to get through my injury since I was worry also stressed out emotionally. I'm glad that I had him as my physician and I will definitely recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Mr. Rowe, because of you I avoided surgery, I took a chance and my arm was able to heal." Read more about Shaun Rowe. 

"Everyone was very pleasant, the X-ray team came and got me from waiting area and got me started that was nice. I liked that process, it made it smoother. I didn't have to go in a room and change go to X-ray then back to the room. So perfect execution. Dr. Shilling is always proficient and caring." Read more about Dr. Shilling.

"Dr. Traisak is an extremely knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate physician. She genuinely cares about her patients and what they are going through. She is definitely one of the best physicians I've ever had (and I've had a lot)! I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a great Rheumatologist." Read more about Dr. Traisak.

"I asked for 1st avail. w/anyone for injured hands. I'm so blessed Thomas Vesneski, APN had the 1st avail. I appreciated him doing all he could to prevent surgery, he even took into consideration I had a 10 month old son & kept me comfortable enough to buy time till he started walking before I needed surgery. I didn't even think of that. Plus he remembered my son's name! Amazing APN." Read more about Thomas Vesneski.

"Dr. Yun is a wonderful physician. Very competent, personable and thorough.
Excellent staff, Cindy was friendly, professional and kind at the front desk . The nurse who took my medical information was also very professional and kind. And Dr. Yun was very informative, professional and kind. The injection he gave me has helped me 100%. I am so fortunate I was able to get an appointment with such a fine establishment!" Read more about Dr. Yun.