First Day on Campus

What to Expect on Day 2

Your first day on campus will include finalizing your employment onboarding tasks. Report to Cooper’s Conference Center at the Main Hospital. These activities will take roughly 15 minutes.

Refer to the email from HR to determine the date of your first day on campus and the time you should arrive at the Conference Center.

Schedules vary based on role, location, and other individualized criteria. Here is a general guideline:

Most employees who do not care directly for patients:
Tuesday at 7:45 a.m., following Monday’s Orientation.

Most employees in Patient Care Services (PCS) roles:
Wednesday between 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., following Tuesday’s PCS Orientation.

What to Expect When You Arrive

Where to Park

Park in the Hospital Garage at One Cooper Plaza, which offers easy access to the Conference Center. Click Onsite Parking/Public Transportation on the Your Roadmap menu for additional parking details. Your first day of parking will be validated.

If you will be attending training at Cooper’s CCBO (L3 Communications Building) before or after your visit to the Conference Center, a free shuttle runs from the Main Hospital to the CCBO and back every 10-15 minutes.

Your HR Onboarding Tasks

  • Receive your second PPD test
  • Pick up your Employee ID badge
  • Show your I-9 identification
  • Show your COVID-19 vaccination card
  • Apply for onsite parking and receive your badge wafer for garage access

Following this event, report to your work location or your scheduled training.

Explore more information that can help you complete your required tasks:

Employment Paperwork

Download the list of acceptable documents that you must bring for I-9 verification. The I-9 process is used to verify your identity and employment authorization to work in the United States.


List of Acceptable I-9 Documents

PPD Follow-up

A member of Cooper’s Employee Health team will administer your second required PPD test. You will receive instructions from the team on how to get your test read 48-72 hours later and ensure the results get recorded.

Reporting to Work

Your direct manager will provide you with information on where to report to work, along with other important details relating to your training and additional department onboarding. 

What to wear to work?

This depends on your role so speak with HR, your supervisor/manager, or unit educators about uniforms, scrubs, and office professional attire. Ask your manager to review the dress code policy once you begin reporting to work. Some streetwear items are not permitted, so be sure to ask in advance.

You’ll be able to order uniforms/scrubs once you have your Cooper network access. Your manager will provide ordering instructions.

Key to Cooper Scrub Colors:

  • Medical Providers: Black
  • Nursing, Midnight Blue: Navy
  • Allied Health: Caribbean Blue (Teal)
  • Clerical: Royal Purple

Additional Training

Mandatory Education: Regulatory and Compliance

In addition to the four online courses that you’ll complete on Day 1, you will be assigned a set of mandatory courses that you’ll have 30 days to complete. Plan for up to one hour to complete each course before the due date. Go to the Cooper Learning Network (CLN) to locate these courses in your Task List.

PCS Orientation and Training

Cooper’s department of Nursing Education offers an in-depth, multi-day program for team members in Patient Care Services roles. PCS Orientation and Epic Training most often follow Day 1 Orientation for team members in a number of PCS roles. Go to the PCS New Hire home page to learn more,  and click your job title to see a schedule of training.

Epic Training

EPIC training is administered by the IT Epic training team, who delivers a custom curriculum and training schedule to new employees based on each person’s role at Cooper. Hands-on, in-person Epic training takes place at the CCBO (L3 Communications) building, which is accessible using the Cooper Shuttle from the Hospital at One Cooper Plaza. The training team may also assign online training modules for self-directed learning through the Cooper Learning Network (CLN). You will not be able to access Epic until you meet all Cooper requirements and have a Cooper network login and password.

New Leader Orientation (NLO)

All new and newly promoted leaders at Cooper are assigned to an NLO cohort and attend a nine-week leadership curriculum with their peers. During NLO, new leaders will learn about Cooper’s “Leadership Must-Haves” and also meet senior leaders and experts from key operational areas.

New Leaders also complete “Crucial Conversations” and “High-Reliability Organization” HRO courses, and receive ongoing access to the online Huron Leadership portal. These courses along with the cohort sessions must be completed by new leaders within six months of starting their new position.

Department Onboarding

Following Orientation, your supervisor will help orient you to your department and new team members. During this time, you’ll learn about your job responsibilities, tools and processes, policies, and all other performance expectations.

Cooper Academy of Learning and Innovation (CALI)

CALI offers practical professional and self-development courses to all Cooper employees and is promoted through HR News, Pulse+, and other internal communication channels. Employees can register for CALI courses through the Cooper Learning Network. You’re encouraged to speak with your supervisor about your development needs and establish goals that will help you grow in your career at Cooper.  These courses are managed by the Organizational Learning and Effectiveness team (HR).

Huron Leadership Portal

All Cooper Leaders have access to an online learning library that provided health-care focused leadership development topics with an emphasis on leading people and business operations. Courses are accessed at the leader’s convenience and include short-format learning videos, quizzes, and toolkits with helpful tip sheets and templates. New leaders can ask their managers how to access the Huron portal. The portal also contains a Bedside Nurse library that’s ideal for all emerging and current nurse leaders.