Financial Assistance and Charity Care

Cooper University Health Care’s mission is to serve, to heal, and to educate. As part of that commitment, Cooper  appropriately serves patients in difficult financial circumstances and offers financial assistance to those who have an established need to receive emergency and other medically necessary services.

Offering financial assistance is just one component of Cooper University Health Care’s charitable mission.

Charity Care and Uninsured

If you require Public Assistance or Charity Care, advise the registration personnel or contact the Financial Counselor at 856.342.3140 to set up an appointment.

If you are uninsured or underinsured, you may qualify for a reduction of your billed charges. Click here for more information pursuant to New Jersey Legislature, P.L. 1971, c.136 and find out how you might qualify.

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial assistance-eligible individuals include patients who do not have insurance and patients who have insurance but are underinsured. Opportunities for financial assistance may be reviewed before or after a service is rendered.To be eligible for financial assistance, patients must cooperate with any insurance claim submission, exhaust their insurance or potential insurance coverage, and complete the financial assistance application process in full.

Patients who want to apply for financial assistance, or who have been identified as a potentially eligible for financial assistance, will be informed of the application process. 

Patients, or their representative, may obtain a Financial Assistance Screening application or a full copy of Cooper’s Financial Assistance Policy in the mail by contacting Financial Counseling at 856.342.3140. Hardcopies are available by visiting our hospital or any of our more than 100 practice locations, or downloading and printing the policy or application at no charge.

The Financial Assistance Policy is available in English, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese at the links below:

The Financial Assistance Application is available in English, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese at the links below:

There are some important steps to complete your application for Financial Assistance. You will be asked to provide the following information:

Proof of completion of:

  • Financial Assistance application process, as applicable.
  • Proof of household income (pay stubs for the past 90 days).
  • A copy of three most recent bank statements from all banking or credit union institutions of the household.
  • A copy of the two most recent tax returns, including all tax schedules of patient, spouse, or any person who claims the patient as a tax dependent.
  • Full disclosure of claims and/or income from personal injury and/or accident related claims.

Amounts charged for emergency and medically necessary services to patients eligible for Financial Assistance will not be more than the amount generally billed to individuals with insurance covering such care.

Additional Financial Assistance/Charity Care Forms

Please check with your financial counselor to determine which of these additional forms may be necessary to complete your application for financial assistance.

Any questions about eligibility or about the process to apply may be directed to our Financial Counselors at 856.342.3140. Cooper’s Financial Counselors are ready to help you with any questions about submitting your Financial Assistance Screening application.